5 Steps To Create Your Startup Brand

5 Steps to Build Your Personal Brand

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Neil Blumenthal, Co-founder of Warby Parker, described branding as “a reason to exist, a vision for the future in this world and a story and one that resonates with other humans”. While Drew Boyle defined Brand as “a promise you make to consumers when they do business with you” in the Branding Fundamentals online course.

How big brands such as Mcdonalds, Mercedes, Louis Vuitton, Nike came into existence and what are their secrets of branding. In the BBC documentary “Secrets of the Super brands: Fashion” the anchor asked people on the street challenging questions such as “which belt brand you like and why”. Answers were revealing such as when asked about their brand choices first one said “I like Gucci because it suits me” while Louis Vuitton belt wearer said “For me Gucci is not smooth, and it is more feminist”.

The whole story is about how these brands differentiate themselves and how they define their value for customers.  Why do people associate themselves with particular brand and how. It is answered by Drew Boyle as “Authentic, Relevant, Consistent and Commitment” which makes a brand. So keep these points in mind and create your brand in 4 simple steps:

Defining Brand:

Start asking questions like what is company’s vision and mission? Why do you exist? Who are your customers? What value do you offer to your customers? What qualities and features you want to represent?

Think decisively and wisely what you want your customers to think about you. Once you answers these questions start working on brand name.

Brand Name:

So what do you think when you see logo of any famous brand. Doesn’t it create vivid imagination of company’s value, product, service, ethics, team, location etc. Select a memorable name and easy to spell name which relates to your company’s image, be remarkable and distinct. And check whether it is used by any other company or not. If so either negotiate with name owner or just choose another name.

Brand Logo:

Look at your competitors what logo they are using and what it says about them. Design few logos and show them to your staff and family members and ask them which one best defines your company’s core values. In addition to that, experiment with colors to make it attractive and remarkable. Once your team agrees on particular logo then it is time to make it official and do not forget it to trademark your logo to protect it legally.

Brand Message:

Create brand message by defining a tag line and voice in which you want to deliver your message. Make sure your brand message shows consistency at all the touch points to consumers and media otherwise it will create confusion for your consumers. Make sure you integrate all the parameters in your brand to show consistency and authenticity.

Once you are done with brand definition, name, logo, and message then the next step is to deliver Authenticity, Relevancy, Consistency and Commitment in your brand to establish authority.

Have you created any brand so far or planning to shape one soon? Why not share your queries or doubts with us?

Dushyant Sethiya is a Co-founder of Distribute11.com, platform to match brands and influencers. He has done “Post Graduate Diploma In Entrepreneurship” from University Of Cambridge (England) and “Masters In International Business” from University Of Leeds (England). You can reach him on Twitter @dushyantsethiya or email him at dushyant@distribute11.com.

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